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The Future Of Clean Shopping

Smithers BC first zero waste store that started with the love for our earth and the common goal we have for keeping it clean. ReJar's mission is to reduce single waste plastic and unnecessary packaging while supplying eco-friendly, biodegradable, organic, ethical and sustainable products.  


How It Works

You simply bring in any container or jar that can be refilled, or purchase one of our many jars we have for sale. We also have a large selection of clean, sanitized up cycled jars available for free.

Weigh your empty jar and fill it up with our wide variety of bulk products! Due to the recent events surrounding Covid, we have put in place proper protocols to keep you safe and healthy while shopping at ReJar. Please refer to our homepage to see the current procedures. 


What We Carry


The products we offer range from bulk soaps and conditioners to cleaning and household products. Organic bulk cooking and baking essentials and of course delicious treats! As well as sustainable and reusable products for your everyday needs. 


Our Promise


We hold our products to a high standard and only carry what we know and trust. We pride ourselves in providing the best environmentally friendly and naturally based options that are fit for every household. Whether they are locally sourced or made in Canada we work hard to find the best products that support our community and of course our earth.

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