Net Bag and Glass Jars



1. Come in and don't be shy! We want to make zero waste shopping a positive experience and take away the intimidation surrounding a new shopping experience. Don't be afraid to ask questions, we are all in this together!


2. When choosing jars to bring in for refill please note that we do not accept any containers that are not clean and sanitized. Reused plastic containers are just as great for refill as glass jars! If it can be properly sanitized and cleaned it will do the job. *Every jar brought in must be cleaned and sanitized. Before each jar is used to refill they will be sprayed in store with sanitizer. 

All of our scoop bulk bins will only be used by staff to refill your products. Please ask for assistance for any of these products. All bins, scoops and surfaces are sanitized regularly*

With our zero gravity bins, you can use these freely to refill your jars along with our bulk soaps and other detergents.

3. We are limiting our store capacity to 5 people in the store at a time. Please respect keeping your distance from others while shopping. If the door is locked we are full so please take a seat outside or come back at a later time.



Thank you so much for your support and remember no action is too small.


I am enjoying the zero waste, environmentally conscious, non toxic products that are showing a positive benefit to my overall health. Thanks ReJar for your excellent service!

Our very own refill shop with a thoughtful selection of quality and ethically-considered selection for the home, kitchen, laundry, body and more. Clean, hip and bright little business!

This fantastic little store has a great variety of food, household and personal items that I love! Shopping here is easy and fun. I really appreciate that I can shop local and reduce my waste!

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