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An eco-friendly silicone scalp massager that’s hygienic and suitable for wet or dry use to aid in cleansing of your scalp.

It can exfoliate, loosen debris and dandruff, and increase follicle circulation. Our scalp massager allows serums and hair products to work better.  Using a scalp massager increases blood circulation and can also help stress and tension.

This plastic-free head massager fits comfortably in your hand to mimic the feeling of a salon at home. It is made from one piece silicone therefore no water gets trapped in it, therefore no mold nor bacteria.

  • great to get the shampoo or conditioner thoroughly through the hair
  • will not get mold  bacteria or water inside
  • ergonomic, easy to hold
  • won't fall apart
  • helps to work products into the hair, but also to rinse them out to make sure nothing gets left
  • no tangling or pulling hair, helps to comb the hair preventing knots
  • eco-friendly - will last forever

Scalp Massager

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