A sea salt scrub made with bentonite clay, rose petals, citrus essential oils and more!

Use to scrub away dry skin, leaving the body silky and clean. (Best results if used after soaking in a botanical bath.)


1) Soak in bath

2) Apply to skin and scrub

3) If possible, leave to dry for the bentonite clay to do its detox/skin healing work.

4) Shower off.


Recommended treatment:

1x/week (enough for 8-10 weeks).


Body Scrub by Matoaka

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  • Meet Stefanie,

    Having been raised on a farm in northern british columbia, my desire to live simply and naturally was ingrained from birth.

    I currently hold degrees in both intercultural studies and midwifery & am pursuing my masters in herbal medicine. this education has exposed me to many ways of understanding the world, with specific experience in alternative and holistic medicine.

    My current focus and desire is to bring herbal knowledge back into mainstream culture.

    Made in Vancouver Bc.